Epson LX-350 Dot Matrix

Epson LX-350 Dot Matrix

  • Power consumption 27-Watt
  • Uses the impact dot-matrix technology
  • Compatible Operating Systems Windows 7,8,10,11
  • 400 Million Strokes/Wire
  • 240 x 144 DPI resolution
  • 1-year warranty

KSh 28,500.00


EPSON LX 350 Dot Matrix

The Epson LX 350 9 pin charger is ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses. The world’s leading company in the production of printers has introduced another printer with the same technology and quality, but with a more compact presentation. This model is a new printer with fast EPSON-9 technology. It can print up to 347 characters per second. The Epson Company designed the LX350 for both front and back-office applications that require continuous paper or multi-part stationery.


Printer Set-up

Setting up the machine is easy and quick, the Epson lx 350 Dot Matrix manual gives you all clear instructions on the process. The printer does not have extra attachments apart from the roll-paper holder and the ribbon cartridge. You first need to connect the power cable to ensure that either the USB attached to your PC is working. After installing the Epson LX 350 driver and all other relevant software, you are ready to start printing.

Control Panel

The Epson LX 350 Dot Matrix comes with a control panel that has both physical command buttons and LED lights. Each of these features portrays various functions and occurrences. The control panel is easy to understand and makes it quick to operate this printer.

Epson LX-350 Dot Matrix


The LX 350 Dot Matrix comes with three connectivity ports; the standard serial port, standard USB port, and a standard parallel port. This printer allows you to print documents directly from a USB stick. The flexible paper management enables insertion at the front, back, and bottom of the device. However, the printer does not come with connection cables. As such, you will need to buy them separately.


Epson LX-350 Dot Matrix utilizes dot-matrix technology to deliver fine prints. You can also enjoy onboard font types with this printer. Besides, this printing machine supports continuous printing, single sheets, and other special papers. It is also fast, with a rate of 4 seconds per page. The printer also comes with a high Epson lx 350 ribbon yield of 4 million characters. More to that, it has a mean time between failure rate of 10,000 operating hours, which ensures that you do not have to worry about maintenance.